Law case studies for high school students

The game show format provides a stimulating environment introducing legal content and encouraging further research on law-related topics. What principles should separate laws that deal with public moral issues eg.

This will be collected at the conclusion of all multicultural presentations. Case Studies and Charter Rights Students will examine the specific legal issue of search and seizure as it applies to high school locker searches, bag searches and seizure of student property.

Criminal Offences and Criminal Defences to read prior to class. In spite of parents favouring non-separation, doctors wanted a declaration that such an operation would be lawful.

Then ask them to record some of the topics that are being addressed by the video. Legal Rights under the Charter and discuss it with them. Students could experiment with its properties and eventually draw conclusions about core concepts based on reasoned examination.

After they have finished discuss the answers with the whole class for the first three pages. Examining the procedural history can help students define the issues and grapple with the processes by which legal decisions are made.

Ensure all those students who brought food or large props do their presentation first. Are any facts missing.

Vitale It's unconstitutional to have an official school prayer to start the school day under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U. Multicultural Day and Handout 7: This case, out of Pennsylvania, did not preclude the use of the Bible as a teaching tool of history and literature, just its use as a tool for spiritual guidance.


Students cannot be forced to salute the American flag. Less likely to lose our identity in one homogenous culture. The First Amendment - This activity creates an awareness of the five rights contained in the First Amendment to the U.

The instructional tool for teaching lawyer-like thinking.


Elk Grove Unified School District v. With secondary school students, the case method is effective because cases are stories, with real people, plots, twists, and turns.


Multiculturalism Quotes and Equality Rights. Finally, students are asked to identify the decision or to determine how the case either was or should be decided. It is a good idea to ask students to rank arguments for persuasiveness before presenting them to their classmates.

Pinochet International human rights law received a global TV audience in after former Chilean dictator General Pinochet was arrested in London. Yertle the Turtle - This activity teaches students about laws and rights, while educating them about the importance of the rule of law.

Be clear about your expectations and the due date. Police officers will bring drug dogs into the schools on a random basis so that drug dealers and users will not know when the checks will happen.

Case Studies

The Stanford Law School Case Studies Collection is an exciting innovation in law school teaching designed to hone students’ problem-solving skills and stimulate creativity.

This Business elective (1 credit) allows students to explore the foundations of business law, while introducing personal law topics that interest students.

Units includes contracts, criminal and civil law, consumer protection, wills and estates, marriage and divorce, property law, agency, employment contracts, unions, commercial paper, and. Everything You Need to Succeed in Law School.

14, + case briefs, hundreds of Law Professor developed 'quick' Black Letter Law. videos, thousands of real exam questions, and much more. Thank you for registering as a Pre-Law Student with Casebriefs™ As a pre-law student you are automatically registered for the Casebriefs™ LSAT Prep Course.

Street Law at the UW School of Law

Street Law at the UW School of Law Model Lesson Plans. The following lesson plans have been developed by University of Washington School of Law Students for the Street Law Course and are available for use at no charge. Technology use within an elementary school serving students who are predominantly Latino, including many children of migrant workers.

Introduction of technology initiated by teacher team working on curriculum and instruction issues as part of the school's active effort to restructure itself.

Case Studies and Other Experiential Learning Tools from Harvard Law School.

Law case studies for high school students
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