Adopt a school program

Eligibility Minimum of a 2. Not many charities or fundraisers can say that. Students need to be exposed to the inner workings of real businesses and how they impact the community, be it local or global.

Adopt A School

Requests to access the resources may be submitted by teachers, coaches, club advisors, and students. Perceived success of the partnerships was determined through responses to the interviews. A career in transport and logistics can rival the traditional professions.

Once parents and teachers realize that we are both here for the same reason- to ensure the safety, nurturing, and education of their child- the tension lifts and real conversations can occur.


The partners will be a weekly presence in the classroom, and thus an integral part of the learning environment. Some schools participate in stock market games, while others have school stores, but few if any, show children how business influences the world every minute of every day.

Each Adopt a School member has a limit of one 1 vote during the Contest Period. The partners will also provide a model of academic success for the students.

Program Overview

We had tremendous success with parents just having casual, dare I say normal, conversation over a cup of coffee. They have seen the success of the program — and what dynamic career opportunities are available. This includes such groups as retailers, manufacturers, civic organizations, utility companies, small businesses, financial institutions, and restaurants.

This collaboration, though, cannot exist in isolation. To provide tutorial support to one hundred children primarily in the third grade year and to other selected elementary age children; To improve the skills of those third grade students and other elementary students who receive at least one hundred hours of reading tutoring; and To provide fifty Community College of Philadelphia students with opportunities for work experience, community service, job skills development, and self-sufficiency while they are enrolled in school.

Adopt A Student Program

USAID and its private sector partners also established 15 digital learning centers, with modern computer labs and training in the use of information technology. Mathematical skill testing question required.

The program works directly with teachers and school principals in each participating school, providing trainings and in-class accompaniment with the goal of improving established educational indicators, including academic achievement and reducing dropout rates.

Benefits for the school include improvement in the quality of educational programming, enhanced learning for students, and a partnership with a neighborhood organization.


They learn that teamwork is the key to their success. PrintEmail The United Way of Walla Walla and Walla Walla Public Schools have partnered to develop the Adopt-a-Blue Devil Program, a scholarship foundation to help eliminate financial barriers for 6th — 12th grade students who lack financial means to fully participate in school-sponsored programs, activities, or academic experiences.

Program Objectives. The objectives of the Adopt-A-School Program are: To provide tutorial support to one hundred children primarily in the third grade year and to other selected elementary age children. Today was the first day of school in Bellingham and it also marked the start of the Bellingham Police Department’s Adopt-a-School program.

The concept is simple, BPD officers sign up to adopt one of the Bellingham School District’s 21 schools and then visit the kids and teachers throughout the school year. The Adopt-A-School Program, which started inwas created to help generate investments and support to education outside the mainstream funding and the national budget.

Initiated inthe Adopt-A-School program is an effective grassroots partnership between education and the business and private sectors of Tuscaloosa County. Council and district membership chairs recruit a volunteer to handle and promote the BSA Adopt-a-School program.

Secure commitments from schools to be adopted.

Adopt a School

Assist us in gathering success stories we can use to create marketing materials for this program. Adopt a the brainchild of classical musician Lynn Gaubatz, who just KNEW these programs were out there!

Lynn Gaubatz is recognized as one of today's most brilliant classical soloists.

Adopt a school program
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