A recollection of a fire incident at the brisbane grammar school

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I would that my ancient antagonist, His Grace of Dublin, or even his ally of the Colonial Gazette, could have stood, as I did, by Savary's pallet—could have witnessed the scarce-healed wound of his attenuated throat—the lack-lustre glare of his hollow eye: The first official confirmation of a teacher knowing about paedophile behaviour by notorious school counsellor Kevin "Skippy" Lynch at exclusive private school Brisbane Grammar has emerged out of the royal commission investigating child abuse responses.

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Prestigious private schools face multi-million dollar lawsuits from alleged abuse victims

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Shooting threat targets elite school

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Knox Grammar: Former student's life 'destroyed' by 'horrible' sexual abuse, inquiry told

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William Paton ‘raped City worker in his hotel room'

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EMERGENCY PROCEDURES PROCEDURE FIRE EP PURPOSE To establish the procedure for dealing with fire within the Indoor Sports Centre. The Indoor Sports Centre has two operational modes the first operational mode is during the normal school day and the second would be during the evenings/weekends and holidays.

TERRIFIED parents have kept their children home from the prestigious Brisbane Grammar School after a shooting threat was made by a Year 11 student. Brisbane lawyer Frank Carroll represented a number of victims who sued Brisbane Grammar in the mid to late s.

Mr Carroll said at the time of the actions it was understood the school did not make any admission of knowledge about Lynch's abuse.

A recollection of a fire incident at the brisbane grammar school
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